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Zero Energy Cost Lighting – The Facts

What is Zero Energy Cost Lighting?

Zero Energy Cost Lighting is an installation that allows a business to generate its own energy for use in powering the lighting, using zero energy from the grid on a net basis per annum.

How is the Energy Generated?

This is supplied with a Solar PV system, which generates energy from the daylight hitting the roof of the building. This generates power for the business to use, whilst also providing the business with a 20 year income stream from government feed in and export tariffs.

What Lighting Should be Installed?

The lighting should be as energy efficient as possible to ensure you use as little of the generated power as possible. LED Lighting is the most energy efficient lighting available and when coupled with Solar PV, it is an installation with an impressive Return On Investment (ROI), a long term income stream for the business and free energy to power the LED lighting and other equipment.

What are the Benefits?

An installation of this type is hugely beneficial to a business, as generating free renewable energy means you don’t need to pay high energy prices to use electricity from the grid. The business also receive 20 year feed-in and export tariff income streams for owning a Solar PV installation. The LED Lighting is extremely energy efficient and provides a well lit, highly visible work area. Better lighting is proven to improve productivity in the workplace and will boost employee morale. With this dual installation in place, a business can expect to see installation costs paid back in a very short time.

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