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Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation is a proven technology to deal with the legacy of the UK’s National Grid supplying relatively high voltages compared to the rest of Europe. The over-voltage between the actual supply voltage received and the optimum voltage your electrical equipment needs means higher bills and increased wear and tear. The equipment that our experts design, supply and install are designed to save energy whilst addressing the problems of over-voltage and poor power quality. This can be achieved at the low voltage incomer stage or at the distribution board level depending on the electrical loads on the system. The outcomes of these projects are that you’ll see energy bill savings of typically between 5% & 15% and enhanced life-span of electrical equipment whilst maintaining optimum performance.

As a result of a European harmonisation rule, the declared voltage of the electricity supply in the UK is now 230 volts. In reality, it is supplied between 238v and 253v. On the UK mainland, the average voltage supplied from the National Grid is 242 volts, compared to the nominal average European voltage of 220 volts. As a result, most electrical equipment manufactured for Europe and the UK is rated at 230 volts and may operate satisfactorily on voltages as low as 200 volts. Long-term, wide-scale monitoring of voltage optimisation units has demonstrated average electrical savings of 8.7% are being achieved. For most sites, this represents significant financial savings with payback periods usually between 3 and 5 years. Typical savings on certain types of electrical load include: 17 percent on fridges, freezers and chillers, 15 percent on traditional lighting and 10 percent on energy saving light bulbs. Voltage Optimisation has been and continues to be, a key technique for savings in energy consumption and consequently CO2 emissions.

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