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Commercial Solar PV

Perfect Sense Energy are a commercial solar installer. Solar PV systems can contribute a significant amount of your electricity demand on site, depending of course on your demand and available roof space or spare land. This will considerably reduce the amount purchased at an ever-increasing cost from the National Grid, as all the power is made available on site through your existing electrical distribution system and is free. In addition, every unit that you self-generate is rewarded with a feed-in tariff; any units not used are usually exported into the Grid which also provides an additional income in most cases. These payments are guaranteed as part of the Energy Act 2009, are RPI-indexed linked and payable for 20 years from the date of installation.

What are the benefits of installing Commerical Solar Panels?

1. Reduce operating costs, increase profits and be protected against inevitable future energy price rises.
2. Benefit from a 12-22% return on investment and a 4-6 year total payback period.
3. Reduce carbon emissions, demonstrate your green credentials to customers and suppliers and maintain a competitive advantage.

A Commercial Solar PV system can be mounted on a suitable roof with an orientation from East to West through the Southerly side of the compass or can be ground mounted. Our Solar PV expert team has a vast amount of experience and our design-led approach ensures that the system will optimise returns related to the electrical energy generated, your energy bill savings and the amount of income that is generated over the lifetime of the system (25-35 years).

Our team have been involved in delivering some of the UK’s largest roof-top solar PV-projects our region. Each system is custom designed to meet clients’ specific requirements and maximise potential returns, irrespective of the type of business or building. We only use the highest quality tier one bankable solar PV panels, mounting systems and inverters, which have been proven for the UK-market; these together with our first class design and installation teams, guarantee your total satisfaction. We take care of everything for you; from site survey, system design, DNO approvals, Health & Safety compliance, total project management of the installation and electrical services connection.

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Solar PV FAQ

What is Solar PV?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a renewable technology that harvests daylight to generate clean, free electricity. This helps businesses to reduce their reliance on the grid and improve their green credentials whilst saving money on their energy spend.

How does Solar PV work?

Cells inside the solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into DC Electricity. An inverter changes this into AC current which can be used to power electrical items.

What are the benefits of Commercial Solar PV?

  • Vastly reduce your business’ carbon footprint
  • Protect your business from rising grid costs
  • Save significant amounts on your energy spend
  • Insure your business is reacting its CSR goals

Where is Solar PV Used?

Solar PV can be installed in a multitude of applications. Any site can benefit from an installation, whether installed on your roof, ground mount or a range of other installations. We can install across a range of industries and sectors.

What are the main elements of a Commercial Solar PV Installation?

A Commercial Solar PV installation is comprised primarily of solar panel modules and inverters. The panels capture sunlight and the inverters convert it into usable energy for your business.