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multi technology installation

A Multi Technology installation ensures a business is making the most of its energy efficiency. Coupling energy saving projects such as LED lighting and Far Infrared Heating with generation technology such as Solar PV ensures a business can see the est return on investment and a shorter combined payback period. These technologies work together to ensure a business is operating at maximum efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Lighting and heating should be as energy efficient as possible to ensure you use as little of the generated power as possible, meaning the generated energy can be used to power other things in the business. LED Lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting available and Far Infrared proves a much more efficient heating alternative. When coupled with Solar PV, it is an installation with a great ROI, a dedicated income stream for the business and free energy.

An installation of this type is hugely beneficial to a business, as generating your own energy means you don’t need to pay high energy prices to use electricity from the grid. The business also receives an income for having a Solar PV installation. The LED Lighting is extremely energy efficient and provides a well lit, highly visible work area. Better lighting is proven to improve productivity in the workplace and will boost employee morale. Far Infrared provides radiant heating which reduces heat loss and runs more efficiently than traditional fan heaters and gas blowers.

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