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LED Lighting

Lighting is taken for granted as a necessity, but what it is costing you to provide this essential facility? Traditional lighting consumes large amounts of electricity, has a short life-span and is often costly to maintain. LED lighting has rapidly developed over the last 10 years and has now come of age, illustrated by the fact that we offer a 10-year warranty on most of our range. LED can be installed in almost every area of the workplace; offices, factories, warehouses and car parks.

Our lighting projects can dramatically cut the operating costs and improve the working environment by installing super-efficient new generation LED lighting resulting in;

  1. reduced energy consumption by 50% – 90%, reducing bills and CO2 emissions/taxes
  2. eliminate maintenance requirements
  3. operational life of up to 100,000 hours +
  4. improve quality of light, productivity, employee well-being and health & safety
  5. immediate 100% light output when switched – no warm-up period
  6. ideal to use in combination with presence detection controls and daylight sensors
  7. typically provide a project payback period of 12-36 months and benefits from tax breaks such as Enhanced Capital Allowances

Our low energy LED lighting team has a wealth of experience; they will design, supply, install, commission and guarantee the performance of your system. Using cutting-edge technology, we ensure great performance and savings in mind.

We also have a range of controls systems to drive energy savings even further, ranging from basic presence control to sophisticated state-of-the-art tablet-controlled systems. We will always offer controls where suitable, so clients get the best possible result from an installation, even extending the lifespan of the LED units. Any controls systems we install we be configured to suit the clients needs.

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LED Lighting FAQ

Are LED Lights better?

LED Lighting better compared to traditional light fittings. They require less power to run, the fittings are complete units meaning no maintenance or bulb changes and they provide a better quality of light. LED also has no harmful chemicals, making them safe for most applications.

Do LED Lights really save money?

Because LED requires much less power to provide the same output as traditional lighting, you will use less energy to light your working environment therefore saving you money on your energy bills.

What are the advantages of LED Lighting?

  • Reduced energy consumption by 50% – 90%, reducing bills and CO2 emissions/taxes
  • Contains no hazardous materials such as mercury
  • Does not require maintenance or bulb changes
  • LED Lighting provides good quality of light with low glare ratings and no flicker
  • Standard life output of 50,000+ hours of use
  • LED Lighting turns on and off instantly – no warm up period required
  • Perfecterfect for sensors and dimming options

Are LED Lights bad for your eyes?

LED Lighting is actually better than the standard light fitting as they have a lower flicker rate, better colour temperature and less glare. LED provides a significant improvement in light levels and quality, and has also been linked to improvements in productivity and focus.