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Far Infrared Heater

Far Infrared Heating is radiant heat – it’s the same as the feeling of warmth from the sun on your face and the heat from a coal fire. It is even the same form of heat emitted by your own body.

It is the most basic form of heating known to man. Used by cavemen to heat themselves by fires; by Romans in their hypocausts, by log burners and tile stoves. Favoured for millennia because it heats objects, which then radiate back and keep the environment warm around you. Radiant heat does not heat air – which holds little heat and disappears.

But in the last 60 years, we have forgotten about radiant heating: not because a better technology replaced it, but because fossil fuels that powered central heating made it so cheap to heat air.

Today, new technology, in the form of our 100% energy efficient far infrared heating panels, is allowing us to use radiant heating once more in a stylish, comfortable and highly controllable way.

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Far Infrared Heating FAQ

How does Far Infrared Heat work?

Far Infrared used radiant heat (the same feeling as a coal fire) to heat objects rather than the air. The objects radiate the heat back, keeping the environment warm around you.

Do Infrared Heaters use a lot of power?

Far Infrared Heating is an energy efficient alternative to traditional heat sources. When compared to other electrical heating types, such as fan heaters, Far Infrared is more efficient due to its radiant heat. This means people, objects and fabric of the building is heated, and no heat is wasted in the air. This makes you feel warmer for longer and turns other objects and surfaces into radiators.

The energy savings are also presented when compared to traditional gas heating.

What are the advantages of Infrared Heaters?

  • No dust particles floating around caused by a fan heater
  • Will heat a space at less than a third of the coast of a fan heater
  • Heats people and objects which radiate the heat back and keeps the environment warm around you

Do Infrared Heating panels get hot?

The panels will be hot to the touch however, you will not burn from brushing against the panel surface. The panels should never reach temperatures of 100 ˚C or above.