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Energy Saving Funding and Finance Deals

Whilst the cost of energy efficient technologies has come down greatly in recent years, it can still be a big investment for a business and this can often be what puts people off. Perfect Sense Energy have several ways to pay for an energy efficiency installation.

Purchased Installations

The first option is CapEx, where the business pays for the project outright and will reap all the benefits immediately. There are a number of grants available specifically designed for SME’s. We can help clients to apply for and receive grants for projects we complete, ensuring you receive the maximum available funding.

Financed Installations

Another option for our technologies is to finance the payment of the project. The business will own and benefit from the project the same as a CapEx payment but with funding and financing options available to spread the cost. Typically, the savings generated by the energy efficiency technologies, together with incentives such as Feed in Tariffs for Solar PV, more than cover the cost of the installation. This enables the investment to be cost neutral or cost positive.

Investor Funded Solar PV Systems

We can also now offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) which means an investor will pay to put a system on your roof and you will benefit from lower energy costs – Often around 20% lower than average grid prices. This means you can reap the benefit of lower energy prices and protect your business from rising energy costs without having the expensive initial cost.

Renewable Energy Finance

Organisations have different approaches to funding capital projects, with differing requirements on payback periods and return on investment. In response, we work with a wide variety of finance partners who can provide almost any type of structured finance for your renewable energy project.

Packages can range from;

  1. asset finance over the project payback period to make the acquisition cost cash neutral during the repayment term
  2. finance over a longer term to make the project cash positive from month one
  3. various types of financial solutions which can provide projects at zero cost to the client, yet deliver the key benefit of lowering the cost of energy

Call now to discuss which finance package will be best suited to you or your business.