The Power of Solar

The Power of Solar


The UK saw a surprisingly pleasant start to spring this year. The sunny weather not only improved our moods but also broke a new record for UK energy usage. Homes and businesses demanded less energy in the afternoon than the night for the first time ever thanks to reducing demands because of solar panels.


The unexpectedly sunny skies allowed solar panels to generate 6 times more power than power stations ran on coal on a Saturday recently and over the next 2 days accounted for around 15% of generated electricity.


The impressive feat saw a complete opposition to normal trends, with demand for grid electricity generally peaking between 4pm and 6pm and being lowest during the early hours of the morning.


This new record is just the beginning, and with solar power becoming more accessible, affordable and efficient the UK is well on its way to utilising renewable energy for its full potential.
A solar PV installation allows a building to generate its own energy to power your demand, all from the sunlight hitting the roof every day. You can significantly reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint whilst also generating a 20-year inflation-linked income stream for your business from Feed-in Tariffs and you could even receive a 30% grant up to £10,000 towards the cost of your energy efficiency installation.


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