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Funding a Solar PV System

Solar PV is often not the first project considered for a business. Whilst the cost of Solar equipment has come down significantly in recent years, it can still be a big investment for a business and this is often what puts people off.


Perfect Sense Energy can offer a number of ways to pay for a Solar PV system.


The first option is CapEx, where the business buys the system outright and will receive all environmental and financial benefits that system can provide. We have access to a number of grants that are available, designed specifically for SME’s to reap the benefits of solar power. We help you with the application and ensure you receive as much grant funding as possible.


Another option is to finance the payment of the system, the business will own and benefit from the system the same as a CapEx payment but with funding and financing options available to spread the cost.  Typically, the savings generated by a solar pv system, together with the incentives for deploying solar (feed in tariff and export tariff) more than cover the cost of installation, thus enabling the investment to be cost neutral.


We can also now offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) which means an investor will pay to put a system on your roof and you will benefit from lower energy costs – Often around 20% lower than average grid prices. This means you can reap the benefit of lower energy prices and protect your business from rising energy costs without having the expensive initial cost.


For more information on any of these options or to book a no-cost survey, get in touch today.

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