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Far Infrared Heating – The Basics

Far Infrared Heating – The New Energy Efficient Solution for Hard to Heat Spaces


Far Infrared Heating is a relatively new heating technology and is proving to be a great energy efficient alternative.

Far Infrared Heating works by providing radiant heat. This gives the same effect as standing in the sun on a cold day. Radiant heat works by heating people and objects, meaning you feel the benefit. This is a much more effective way of keeping people warm than air blower heaters, which only heat the air that quickly dissipates.

Far Infrared Heating technology is perfect for hard to heat areas and localized heating. This provides a subtle but direct heat without wasting energy heating the air. These technologies come in a range of power and style, meaning there is a type of heater to suit a large variety of work spaces.

Far Infrared Heating is completely safe, the infrared rays that are given out are the same non-damaging rays as that of the sun. It only harnesses the invisible infrared part of the light spectrum without the dangerous UV light.

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