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Energy Efficiency Leading Reductions in Energy Demand

A recent article by BBC has highlighted how a collective movement of adopting energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting can make a significant impact on the UK’s energy demand.

Recent studies have shown that using more efficient products, such as LED lighting, has already been slightly more effective than renewable energy in reducing CO2 output, however renewables still get most of the attention.

Environmental analysis website Carbon Brief says that product standards on technologies & appliances such as lighting, refrigeration and vacuum cleaners has created a substantial dent in energy demand. Provisional calculations have worked out that in 2005 the UK hit its peak for electricity generation, but currently the generation per person is equivalent to the level in 1985, around 5 megawatt hours per capita.

Reports say that by using renewables, fossil fuel energy has reduced by the equivalent of 95 terawatt hours (TWh) since 2005. Last year alone saw a record of 33% electricity generated by renewables in the UK. Whilst renewables have taken the spotlight, energy efficiency has contributed to reducing demand by 103 TWh. Energy efficiency also doesn’t carry any controversies, like Solar and Wind power often do.

This trend of energy efficiency isn’t just thanks to households – industries have made major steps to improve the performance of their equipment, especially upgrading to LED lighting. LED lighting upgrades are a quick win, usually seeing a payback period of 18-36 months whilst providing years of reduced energy costs and a lack of required maintenance.

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