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Protect Your Business From the Climate Change Levy Increase

Are You Protected From the CCL Increase?

The Climate Change Levy or CCL is a tax paid by businesses in the UK. This tax is in place to push businesses to reduce their energy usage.

The levy has stayed relatively low since its introduction, most recently at 0.568p per kWh on electricity. This levy is due to increase by approximately 31% in 2019.

The CCL exists to ensure businesses are more conscious about their energy usage, and with this increase businesses will now be spending even more on their energy bills.

Perfect Sense Energy has several technologies available to help businesses reduce their energy usage and in turn, their energy spend.


LED Lighting

LED lighting is the quickest win of all of our technologies, usually with an average payback period of 18-36 months. LED lighting can reduce lighting energy costs by up to 80% and requires no maintenance. The luminaires have an average lifespan of 50,000+ hours of use.

LED lighting often offers brighter light than the previous lights with a much lower wattage, making them excellent for ensuring health and safety regulations are met. Perfect Sense Energy create light designs using software to ensure the lights we install will offer the right lux level for your bespoke needs.


Far Infrared Heating

Far Infrared Heating is a great, energy efficient way to heat localised areas. The heaters use the invisible light spectrum and infrared rays to heat people and objects, meaning no heat is wasted in the air. This heat is described as “radiant heat” and feels the same as standing in the sun on a cold day – your skin feels warm, but the air is cold. These heaters work the same but without the damaging UV rays.


Solar PV

It has recently been announced that the Solar feed-in tariff, a government incentive that pays for every unit a solar system generates, will be removed in March 2019. However, if you install a Solar PV system before this time you will have the feed-in tariff locked in for 20 years. Solar PV generates clean energy to be used for free on site and with the feed-in tariff creates a 20-year income stream. We urge anyone considering a system to get in touch as soon as possible, as the process can take a number of months depending on the system size and we wouldn’t like anyone to miss out before the tariff is removed completely.

We offer a number of ways to pay for a Solar PV system, these being CapEx, cash neutral financing and investor funded PPA. A PPA means you get a Solar system installed on your roof for free, paid for by the investor, and can by the power back at a rate around 30% lower than you are currently paying to the grid.


For more information on any of these technologies, get in touch today and book a no-cost survey at your site.

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