The Clean Energy Shift

Rising concerns for the environment have led to a trend throughout leading companies and supply chains.

The global RE100 initiative is a group of corporations that commit to using 100% renewable energy. The initiative says there has been a noticeable trend of businesses sourcing clean power in the last year.

Businesses like Marks & Spencer and Sky have already achieved their goal of 100% renewable energy usage, making up part of the 25 out of 122 initiative members who have made the switch.

This clean energy trend is also being seen through supply chains. Over a third of the members have said they are using their purchasing power to push for more suppliers utilising renewable energy. Many of the members now offer webinars and training to educate others on the benefits and reasons for going green.

A separate report showed businesses are driven by both economic and environmental reasons to improve their energy efficiency, with nearly 90% of companies tracked by CDP saying the driving factor is economic.

The latest research by the UK government shows public support for renewables is climbing every year and is reaching record levels, meaning businesses would do well to capitalise on this growing trend and shift towards energy efficient technologies.

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