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The Background

This former Mill site is landlord owned and leased by two businesses who occupy approx 50% of the space each. The owner was keen to add value to the site, help his tenants with a source of cheap electricity and benefit from the Feed-in Tariffs guaranteed for 20 years. Following a due diligence exercise, the owner selected Perfect Sense Energy to install a 50kWp Solar PV system which will provide approx 20% of the sites electrical.

The Solution

As DNO permission was in place, the system was completed within 3 weeks of the order being placed. We installed a roof-mounted system using 192 Tier 1 PV panels and a 50kWp inverter, supplied with 10 year product warranties and a 25 year output warranty for the panels. The system will generate over 40,000kWh of clean renewable energy for the tenants to use at a subsidised rate, is forecast to pay for itself in 5-6 years and will return approx £300,000 worth of financial benefits for the owner over the 25yr+ lifespan of the system. Visit our Perfect Sense Energy YouTube Channel to see the 90s time-lapse installation video.

The Results & Feedback

The result is a high performing Solar PV system that has reduced the owner’s tenants reliance on grid-fed power, mitigated their exposure to future energy cost rises, added value to the site and improved its appeal to future tenants should space become available.

Owner Peter Edwards commented;

“I’m proud to have our own renewable energy power plant that will help my tenants with their electrical needs and give me a great ROI – Solar PV was a no-brainer for us to improve the site and from a financial perspective.”