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The Background

St Andrew’s are a primary school in Boothstown, Manchester. They began making a difference to their energy savings when we installed state of the art LED Lighting. St Andrews wanted to continue improving their green credentials by installing a Solar PV System.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a 12.3kW system onto St. Andrew’s roof. The system is set to generate 10.160kWh of free electricity per annum with a combined overall first year income and savings of over £1,100. The system is expected to save 53 tonnes of Co2 over a 25 year period and has a potential overall net income/savings of over £58,000.

The Results & Feedback

The system generates clean energy from the sunlight hitting the roof, providing free power into the school. This makes significant savings on their energy bills and protects them from ever rising energy costs in the future. The school aims to educate pupils about the environment and renewable energy by leading the way in reducing their carbon footprint.