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The Background

RMD Contracts, in partnership with Perfect Sense Energy, were given the opportunity to install Solar PV systems on 4 Coop sites in England. Each site had an 11kWp system installed on their roof to generate clean energy every day for free. This is part of Southern Coop’s move towards greener credentials and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Solution

Each site was fitted with an 11kWp PV system using state of the art Tier 1 solar panels. Each system was bespoke designed by our technical design team, ensuring each site will achieve maximum generation and yield. The installations were completed around each site’s requirements meaning minimum disruption to operation.

The Results & Feedback

On average, each installation has an expected payback period of just over 6 years. The panels have a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-year warranty on all other equipment. Over a 25-year period, the 4 trial sites will see a combined income and savings of more than £385,000. The solar panels will provide each site with clean, free renewable energy every day, reducing Southern Coop’s reliance on grid power. With a lower grid usage, they now have some protection from ever rising energy prices.