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The Background

FMC Phytone are a specialist ingredient  food manufacturer in Burton Upon Trent. Perfect Sense Energy were engaged to install a 50kWp system on their roof to reduce operational costs and improve their energy efficiency.  Now part of the DuPont Group of global brands, energy efficiency, carbon reduction and sustainability is at the heart of their business strategy.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy installed a 50kWp Solar PV system on the building using BYD panels with a 25 year performance warranty. The installation is estimated to generate over 42,000 kWh of clean renewable energy per annum, which the business will be able to use on site for free. The project will pay for itself in 6 years, saving 24 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The Results & Feedback

The system generates clean energy from the sunlight hitting the roof daily, providing free power into the site. This reduces FMC Phytone’s reliance on the grid, makes significant savings on their energy bills and protects them from ever rising energy costs in the future. The system also provides feed in and export tariffs, generating a guaranteed 20 year income stream for the business which rises each year in line with RPI inflation.