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The Background

Playkidds are a children’s play centre based in Swinton, Manchester. They were looking for ways to reduce their energy spend and increase their green credentials and enlisted Perfect Sense Energy’s help to identify suitable solutions. The play centre previously used a large gas blower heater to heat the building which meant very high gas bills. Perfect Sense Energy were able to specify a Solar PV system on the roof, Far Infrared Heating panels to be installed in the play areas and LED lighting across the play areas and offices.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a bespoke heating scheme with Far Infrared Heating panels. This panels are powered by electricity and provide radiant heat, heating only people and objects and removing any heat loss to the air. This is a far more efficient way of heating compared to the gas blower previously used. Perfect Sense Energy also upgraded the lighting across the building to LED. These lights are far more efficient than the previously installed fluorescents. As a third energy improvement upgrade Perfect Sense Energy installed an 11 kWp Solar PV system on the roof.

The Results & Feedback

The efficient Infrared panels reduce the need for the large gas blower and are thermostatically controlled, meaning finer control over the heating. The Solar PV system generates free, clean energy every day to help power the play centre, reducing their reliance on the grid and protecting the client from rising energy costs. The new LED lights significantly reduce Playkidds energy spend, remove the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance and provide higher visibility and a modernised atmosphere. The lights come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty and have an expected lifetime of 50,000+ hours. Combined, the 10 year savings of the 3 technologies is over £53,000.