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The Background

Maqio are a toy wholesaler with a newly built HQ and Warehouse site in Middleton, Manchester. The warehouse needed all new lighting installed, and also had a 50m2 packing area that was proving difficult to heat with traditional options, leading to potentially high energy bills, installation and maintenance costs.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed bespoke heating and lighting schemes to suit the clients needs. A full lighting design was prepared to specify the best type, quantity and installation of lights needed to light the space appropriately and efficiently. Far Infrared Heaters were used as they are a localised electrical heating source that provides radiant heat, meaning no heat is lost to the air as it heats people, objects and the fabric of the building.

The Results & Feedback

The LED lights provide excellent light levels for the warehouse areas ensuring health and safety and high visibility. The lights have a low running cost and an expected lifespan of 50,000+ hours.

The heaters provide an almost instantaneous warm up period which can be thermostatically controlled. They are much more energy efficient than traditional warehouse heating and provide a subtle but significant heat output, perfect for localised spaces.