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The Background

Maggi & Maggi was formed in 1992 and are a business based in Bolton offering repair, supply and servicing of a range of electronics. They previously had fluorescent tube lighting installed which was producing poor light levels that had to be supplemented with low level task lighting sources. Frequent maintenance of the fluorescent tubes was also causing frustration and unwelcome expense.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy working with our partners Bosci to design a lighting plan using state of the art slimline LED luminaires. The previous lighting used up to 230W of energy per fitting and were replaced with an energy efficient LED equivalent that uses just 60W. The upgraded lighting took the kWh consumed per annum from 7000 kWh down to just 2600 kWh per annum. We also installed Solar PV panels to power the business, powering the energy efficient lights and providing them with zero energy cost lighting on a net basis.

The Results & Feedback

The result was a vibrant and well lit workshop that improved visibility and productivity with greatly reduced energy costs. The installation provided 61% energy savings in year 1 and provided a 46% return on investment with an estimated payback of the project being just over 2 years. The energy efficient lighting also has the benefit of eliminating maintenance with a lifetime of at least 50,000 hours. The Solar PV provides a 20 year income stream and allows the business to minimise their energy usage from the grid whilst generating their own power for free.