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The Background

Easington Miners Welfare is a social club based in the former mining town of Easington Colliery. The centre hosts local events, classes and snooker in their building and holds great historical significance in the community. The centre wanted to look at ways to reduce their energy costs, improve their green credentials and modernise the building. Perfect Sense Energy designed a lighting upgrade scheme and a 25kWp Solar PV system on their roof.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a bespoke Zero Energy Cost LED Lighting system where the low energy LED lighting is powered by the free energy
generated from the Solar panels. The new LED lights are state of the art and come with a 5 year warranty, along with an expected lifespan of 50,000+ hours. A 25kWp Solar PV system was designed based on the consumption of the building and the availability of roof space.

The Results & Feedback

The new LED lights use a fraction of energy compared to the previous traditional lighting, whilst removing the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance. The lights help to modernise the building and provide great
visibility all areas. The Solar PV system will generate a 20 year income stream from income tariffs and provide the centre with clean, free energy to be used every day. The combined projects provide a 5-6 year payback, and the Solar panels come with a 25 year performance warranty. The centre will see over £140,000 in savings and income over the lifespan of the technologies.