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The Background

DGP Intelsius is a temperature-controlled packaging manufacturer in York. Perfect Sense Energy assessed the site for opportunities to significantly improve their energy efficiency and energy sustainability. They had fluorescent and metal halide traditional light fittings which used a disproportionate amount of energy compared to their performance and required frequent maintenance. In addition, the heat the lighting produced made indoor temperatures uncomfortable, especially in Summer months.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a bespoke Zero Energy Cost LED Lighting system where the low energy LED lighting is powered by the free energy generated from the Solar panels. The auto-dimming daylight harvesting LED lighting saw a 70% energy saving immediately, with 250w high bays in the main area being replaced by 100w LED units. A 30kWp Solar PV system was installed on the roof which provides the business with free energy to power their site every daylight hour of the year.

The Results & Feedback

The LED Lighting now uses a fraction of the energy of the previous installed lighting with the requirement for maintenance eliminated for the next 50,000 hours. The Solar PV installation provides a 20 year income stream for the business whilst allowing the site to generate renewable energy that they can use for free. The new lighting provides improved lux levels with increased visibility levels, health & safety and productivity whilst both the LEDs and the Solar panels reduce the carbon footprint and helps the environment with huge savings on energy expenditure every year.