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The Background

UNILIN are a worldwide business with 21 production sites around the world. They specialise in producing flooring and also manufacture panels, roof systems and insulation boards under the QuickStep and Elan brands. Their warehouse in Trafford Park was using traditional HID High Bay lights which were costing almost £20,000 per annum in energy costs alone.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a lighting plan using custom built 150w high bay LEDs, which improved the Lux levels by 35% and brought the yearly lighting cost down to around £8,000 per annum, a saving of over 60%. The installation will pay itself off in less than 2 years and the need for difficult access maintenance has been eliminated. If the cost of relamping the existing HID fittings is included into the calculation (which was over-due), then the LED upgrade will pay for itself in less than 18 months.

The Results & Feedback

The result of this installation is a much better lit warehouse with a vibrant, more striking light that gives employees better visibility, especially in aisles that were previously very dimly lit. The warehouse can see a massive decrease in energy costs for the lights and after 1.5 to 2 years the energy and maintenance savings will have paid for the installation, whilst the business will continue to benefit from reduced energy costs for many years to come.