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The Background

The Swain Group is the UK’s leading edge transport, warehousing and distribution business. They provide transport services throughout the UK. Perfect Sense Energy surveyed a Swain Group transport depot in Astley to see how they could improve their current lighting and become more energy efficient. The previous lighting used large amounts of energy with four high mast metal halide flood lights using over 1kW of energy each, with expensive regular maintenance requirements.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a bespoke lighting plan to reduce energy cost and improve on the current lighting conditions. They used state-of-the-art 450w LED flood lights to replace the previously installed lighting which provided energy savings and improved the areas lighting. The LED upgrade provided them with 60% energy savings for the first year alone.

The Results & Feedback

R Swain have saved significant amounts of money on energy and maintenance costs with a significant improvement in Health & Safety in the haulage yard. The newly installed LED lighting eliminates the maintenance for at least 50,000 hours of use and will provide huge energy cost savings and improved light levels for years to come.