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The Background

Leyland SDM (Specialist Decorators Merchant) is a retailer with 18 outlets in London. They recently relocated their main warehouse and HQ hub due to expansion to Wembley, where they previously had traditional fluorescent and HID low bay lights. The existing lights had high maintenance/running costs and failures frequently needed repair. In addition, the positioning did not suit the newly designed layout of the warehouse racking.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a lighting plan using modern 60w vapour proof IP65 LED luminaires. They offer huge energy reductions compared to the previous lighting and eliminated the need for frequent maintenance due to failures. Due to the condition of the previous wiring, brand new lighting circuits were installed to ensure that the installation was future-proofed and provided a lifetime of trouble-free service. The lighting was also designed to be controlled in zones, meaning certain areas can be turned on and off as required to maximise energy savings.

The Results & Feedback

The installation provided Leyland SDM with huge energy savings compared to the previous lights, with an overall energy saving of approx 60%. As well as greatly reduced costs, the business now has a vibrantly lit environment that has a uniform spread, creating a much more modern environment. The installed LEDs come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and are expected to have a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours.