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The Background

Bunzl Retail Supplies are a nationwide supplier of retail products, they have a number of large scale contracts with global companies. The site in Swinton houses a very large warehouse. The previously installed fluorescent lights used large amounts of energy and required frequent maintenance, barely providing enough light for the forklift drivers moving about the aisles.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy created a bespoke lighting design to suit the clients lighting requirements, using state-of-the-art linear and UFO high bay LED lighting complete with a 10 year warranty. These lights are fitted with an advanced control system that allows us to change every element of the lighting scheme on the go, without requiring rewiring or access to the high mounted lights. Precise controls over movement sensors and daylight harvesting allow us to provide the optimal settings to ensure Bunzl Retail Supplies can save large amounts on their energy costs, whilst ensuring the perfect level of light is still provided when needed. Any required changes can be done as and when needed, controlled from a tablet either on site or remotely and implemented almost instantly.

The Results & Feedback

This new system has given a huge improvement in light levels, providing warehouse workers with the necessary light to easily see products on the racking. The precise controls continue to be optimised further in line with informative data that is monitored through an online portal. The new LED lighting is extremely energy efficient, not only requiring a much lower wattage but also operating at a maximum of 65% output whilst still providing excellent light levels (the output level changes depending on occupancy and daylight). This precise control will save massive amounts of energy, aiming for less than a 3 year project payback.