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The Background

The site is a steel processing workshop that de-coils and cuts sheet steel for industry to precision measurements. The original 400w lighting units were over 20 years old and were costly to maintain. The lighting system running cost was over £3500/yr on energy and maintenance costs. The lighting operating hours were short and only averaged 30 hours per week annually, as they are rarely needed during Spring & Summer due to the good level of natural ligh from the large skylights.

The Solution

A lighting scheme was designed using Constellation Lighting LED IP65 60w linear units and 600 x 600 panels supplied with a comprehensive 5 year warranty. The new high level LED lighting system now uses 86% less power due to the energy efficiency of the new units and the use of movement sensors. Energy and maintenance savings are over £3,000 per annum, therefore the installation will pay for itself in just over 2 years and save the company over £37,500 over 10 years.

The Results & Feedback

MD Trevor Mizon commented;
‘Perfect Sense Energy took our brief and designed an LED lighting system that provides a naturally bright, energy efficient environment that everyone agrees is a vast improvement on the old, inefficient traditional lighting. In addition to the impressive financial benefits, LED lighting is a vast improvement that is helping our company to enhance our premises’