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The Background

Bolton Textiles Group are a textile manufacturer with sites in Bolton and Rochdale. Their Rochdale site previously had old fluorescent tubes installed which used significant amounts of energy, provided very poor lighting for working on machines and required frequent maintenance. They enlisted Perfect Sense Energy’s help in creating a comprehensive lighting scheme using LED luminaires.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a bespoke lighting scheme using modern LED lighting for 3 floors of the mill. These fittings use around half the power of the previously installed fluorescents, and provide much higher light readings. Certain lights above cutting tables were fitted with dimmable drivers controlled with remote controls, this allows the client to have complete control over the lighting requirements for table.

The Results & Feedback

The new LED units now provide excellent light levels across the whole building and offer excellent visibility for intricate and colour sensitive work. The energy costs spent on lighting will be reduced by around half and the added benefit of dimming functionality on certain lights gives the client flexibility. These fittings eliminate the need for costly maintenance and will provide reduced energy costs for years to come.