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The Background

The Works is a chain of stores that sells quality stationary, books, toys, arts and crafts at discount prices. The store that Perfect Sense Energy performed an installation at is located in Crompton Place Shopping Centre in Bolton. The client brief was to ensure the store looked bright, yet comfortable and attractive to passing trade to attract maximum footfall. The store previously used traditional fluorescent lighting that did not provide modern levels of retail lighting, it was expensive to maintain and had relatively high energy running costs.

The Solution

We at Perfect Sense Energy worked to design a lighting scheme that provided the store with excellent light levels to showcase their products and create a more inviting environment for customers in whilst reducing energy costs. We replaced the old lights in the store with modern LED panels that create an even light throughout the store and used slimline LED battens in the stock room to increase visibility and create a better working environment.

The Results & Feedback

The results of the installation were reduced energy costs with a great new lighting environment. The shop floor is bathed in vibrant, bright light that helps to showcase the range of products available and give the store a modern look and feel. The stockroom is now well lit and allows employees to complete their work more productively. The lights create a noticeable difference in both areas and remove the need for regular maintenance, allowing the store to maintain a sleek and professional appearance.