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The Background

Worsley Park is a stunning 4-star luxury Hotel & Country Club which is also home to a championship golf course. Hotels of this calibre are known for their luxurious surroundings, impressive facilities and an attention to detail that makes the guest experience so special. However, in certain areas, the lighting was letting the hotel down, using more energy than necessary and causing repeated maintenance issues, so Perfect Sense Energy were called in to revamp specific areas with modern, low energy LED lighting schemes.

The Solution

A lighting scheme was designed using high-quality 40w flat LED units controlled via sensors and switches that were supplied with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. The lighting scheme produced lux levels 30% higher were existing, whilst using 55% less power. Financial savings from using less energy are significant and as the LED units have a minimum useful lifespan of around 50,000 hours, they’ll eliminate maintenance costs for many years to come. Therefore, the installation is forecast to pay for itself in approx. 2.5 years.

The Results & Feedback

The result is a naturally bright, energy efficient and modern environment which both staff and guests are delighted with. Chief Engineer Steve Atkinson commented; ‘The new LED lighting is really helping to modernise our facilities and the energy and maintenance savings make choosing LED lighting a no-brainer for us. I highly recommend the advice, service and products supplied by Gary Brandwood and his team at Perfect Sense Energy.’