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The Background

Kings Quality Foods are a cooked meat producer based in Wigan. Their site consists of a production factory and a cash & carry, both of which previously had fluorescent lighting installed. The old lighting was very energy inefficient and saw frequent failures whilst producing dim light, which meant low visibility and an old fashioned look.

The Solution

A lighting scheme was designed for the cash and carry and factory areas using state-of the- art LED luminaires. LED panels were installed in the cash and carry, seeing a reduction in wattages and number of lights which provided an energy saving of 73%, saving approximately £1,500 per year whilst creating a vibrant, well lit atmosphere. The LED lighting upgrade in the factory will provide a 81% energy saving and will save approximately £4,700 in the first year.

The Results & Feedback

The result is a well lit working environment with
an energy efficient lighting system. The LED lights
have an expected lifetime of 50,000+ hours,
eliminating the need for costly and time
consuming maintenance. The cash and carry
benefits from a modern look whilst the factory
has increased visibility. The vibrant light helps to
improve focus and productivity, and the cool
running LED’s mean less money needs to be spent
on refrigeration, offering further savings.