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The Background

The site is a state-of-the-art bottling plant that was using traditional 400w metal halide lighting which is very common in this type of premises. The lighting system was costing almost £5000 per annum on energy and maintenance costs. The lights were never turned off during operating hours as they took over 5 minutes to warm up. The output from these traditional fixtures got noticeably lower as the lamps aged and got nearer to their expected lifespan of two – three years.

The Solution

A LED lighting scheme was designed using state of the art Cree CPY 126w LED units with a 10 year warranty. The LED lighting plan showed a projected 20% increase in light levels (30% increase post-installation), using 74% less power, saving over £3500 per annum in running costs and eliminating maintenance for the next 100,000 hours+ of operation (approximately 42 years based on a 45 hour week). This in turn, means the LED installation will pay for itself in less than 3 years, despite the relatively short weekly operating hours.

The Results & Feedback

The result is a light, bright, energy efficient environment which the client is delighted with.

Production Director Gary Joyce commented;
‘The whole design, supply and installation process was completely painless. Overall the project has been a great success and we are looking forward to working on future projects. I would recommend Perfect Sense Energy to anyone looking for advice on reducing their energy spend.’