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The Background

St Andrew’s are a primary school in Boothstown, Manchester. The school had fluorescent lighting which used lots of energy and required frequent maintenance. The school wanted to reduce their energy costs whilst modernising the learning environment, increasing light levels and eliminating costly, time consuming  maintenance.   They also wanted to lead by example to show their pupils that energy efficiency is the best way to protect the natural resources of our planet and help to minimise the school’s CO2 footprint and climate change.

The Solution

We created designs for a range of rooms to work out the best lighting layouts to drive energy efficiency whilst providing students with the best possible light levels that meet Dept for Education guidelines. The new LED lighting scheme uses significantly less power than the old fluorescent fittings whilst providing a brighter and more vibrant light to aid in visual perception and concentration. The new lighting will offer an energy reduction of 42%, which will provide a significant reduction to energy bills and provides the school with more much needed money to spend elsewhere.

The Results & Feedback

The new LED lighting greatly improves the lux levels in the installed areas, ensuring the school meets Dept for Education and Emergency Lighting guidelines. The brighter vibrant LEDs also aid in concentration and focus. As LED units use less power, the school will see significant energy bill savings. The new LED fittings come with a 5 year warranty &  have an expected lifetime of 50,000+ hours, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming maintenance.