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The Background

Shevington High School are a large high school in the borough of Wigan. They previously had mainly fluorescent lighting installed, but high energy usage, poor light levels, excessive heat output and frequent maintenance made the school want to upgrade to LED lighting across the whole school following advice from the Carbon Trust.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy was recommended to design a bespoke lighting scheme, ensuring suitable lighting and light levels for different areas of the school. Using state-of-the-art LED luminaires, Perfect Sense Energy installed the new lighting in a phased approach to suit the schools requirements. The new LED lighting is beneficial for an educational environment, helping students to focus better and keeping them more alert to promote productivity throughout the school day.

The Results & Feedback

The new lighting provides a year 1 energy saving of approximately £13,000 with a project payback period of just 3 years, which was funded by an interest free Salix loan. The school benefits from a 58% energy saving in year 1 on lighting costs and also the need for costly and time consuming maintenance is eliminated. The new lights give off a vibrant whiter light that creates a positive learning environment and can aid in concentration, whilst giving the school a more modern feel.