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The Background

Perfect Sense Energy completed an LED Lighting installation at Levenshulme High School ‘Energy Box’ sports centre, where they previously had traditional fluorescent fittings. The old lighting required lots of energy to run and saw lots of failures, meaning regular maintenance was required.

The Solution

An LED lighting scheme was designed using a range of energy efficient lights to reduce costs and improve light levels. The first phase of installation was in the dance studio, installing modern slimline LED battens which used 82% less energy. The next phase saw T5 fluorescents in the gym replaced with linear LED units, using 72% less power than the previous lights. The next phase includes corridors, common areas, changing rooms and toilets and will provide an energy saving of 74%.

The Results & Feedback

The new LED lighting greatly improved the lux levels in the installed areas, ensuring the school meets health and safety guidelines and providing students with a better learning environment. Reduced energy usage will save the school significant amounts on energy bills, and an eliminated maintenance factor means no time consuming or costly maintenance is required. The LED lights are expected to have a lifetime of 50,000+ hours and come with a 5 year warranty.