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The Background

Gilded Hollins Primary School is a primary school in Leigh, Wigan. They previously had fluorescent tube lighting installed which gives off poor amounts of light, has high energy usage and required frequent maintenance. Perfect Sense Energy identified areas of the school that would benefit from an LED lighting upgrade and presented a bespoke case that showed improvements in light levels and reductions in energy spend.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a lighting scheme using high quality LED luminaires. Installed were a mixture of LED panels, bulkheads, battens and wall packs. The new lighting will adhere to Department for Education guidelines providing excellent light levels and an improved learning environment for the students. These new fittings use significantly less power that the previously installed traditional lighting.

The Results & Feedback

The new lighting has modernised classrooms, corridors and halls, providing high lux levels which aid concentration and focus in a learning environment. The school will benefit from significant energy savings and the newly installed luminaires come with a 5 year warranty and an average lifespan of 50,000+ hours, eliminating maintenance costs and using reduced energy for years to come.