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The Background

Branwood School is a preparatory school located in Monton, Eccles. The school was previously using traditional fluorescent tube lights which did not give off an optimal light level, especially for a learning environment. These lights were also costly to maintain and the energy costs for these lights were relatively high.

The Solution

An LED lighting scheme was designed using Slimline Battens of varying size and wattage to suit the needs of each individual room. The lighting levels were designed to be improved whilst using 50% less energy. Maintenance costs have also been eliminated, saving even more money. The LED lights have an expected lifespan of over 30,000 hours meaning the school has efficient, energy saving LED lighting for years to come.

The Results & Feedback

The new LED lighting greatly improved the lux levels in the offices and music rooms, providing a much-improved environment to learn in. Thanks to the new LEDs, the levels now comply with lighting guidelines suggested by the Department of Education & Employment and also keep the rooms cooler in the summer due to much lower levels of generated heat.