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The Background

Cotton Traders is a chain of stores that sells quality casual clothing. Perfect Sense Energy partnered with Sudlows to complete this design & installation project in a newly acquired Cotton Traders office building. The offices previously used traditional fluorescent lights which were high energy consumers and they required frequent maintenance to replace failed tubes and ballast units.

The Solution

A new lighting design was created by Perfect Sense Energy which used modern LED flat panels to create a lighter, brighter working environment. The new luminaires increased the lux levels and quality of light in the offices which helps to improve productivity and employee well-being. The LEDs produced an energy saving of 46% per annum and the project is predicted to pay for itself in less than 3 years.

The Results & Feedback

The result of this installation is a well-lit, bright office with state of the art LED panels that gives a uniform spread of light. The lighting now provides a better working environment whilst providing the business with great energy savings with a 5 year warranty. Our client stated that they were very pleased with both the quality of the equipment supplied and the technical support provided and they would not hesitate to use Perfect Sense Energy again on future projects.