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The Background

Astley Park Business Centre is a serviced office building with over twenty offices available to let. The business centre previously had traditional fluorescent lighting, which was outdated and costly to run. Ageing light fittings also meant that there were high maintenance costs at the site, with both ballasts & tubes failing frequently.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a new lighting system that used LED flat recessed panels and new generation Slimline LED batten lights. These lights were installed in the lobby, reception, toilets and some offices. These lights cut the yearly energy costs by over 50% and the installation is predicted to pay for itself in just over a year in some areas that are illuminated 24hrs a day.

The Results & Feedback

This new LED lighting installation greatly increased the lux levels, giving a more vibrant and modern feel to the environment and creating a better space to work in. Tenants have seen a noticeable difference and say the lighting makes for a much more comfortable workspace, that stays cooler in Summer due to the low heat output of the LEDs.