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The Background

The Hangar is a climbing centre in Liverpool. The space was very difficult to heat due to the height and volume of the area and all heat sources previously tried were highly inefficient and energy intensive. Following a technical survey, it was recommended that Far Infrared Heating should be utilised to provide sufficient heat in an energy efficient way.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy provided state-of-the-art Far Infrared Heaters to efficiently heat the area with timer and thermostatic controls. The system greatly improved occupant comfort levels and significantly reduced the amount of energy used to heat the space. The radiant heat technology works by heating people and objects instead of the air, meaning objects themselves radiate heat and people feel warmth on their skin as opposed to trying to heat the air.

The Results & Feedback

The far infrared heat means no energy is lost through heating the ever-moving air and that people and objects still feel warm even if the air circulation is disturbed, such as a door opening. This provides a thermally comfortable environment for the climbers, spectators and staff and will provide significant savings on their energy bills.