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The Background

Maqio are a toy wholesaler with a newly built HQ and Warehouse site in Middleton, Manchester. Their warehouse has a 50m2 packing & dispatch area that was impossible to heat with traditional options due to the roof height and roller shutter doors opening and closing frequently, leading to potentially very high energy bills, installation & maintenance costs.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy designed a localised heating system using state of the art commercial Far Infrared Heaters suspended at 3m from the ground. These heaters use an invisible part of the light spectrum to heat people and objects as opposed to the air. This means very little heat is wasted by warm air rising and you don’t lose all zone heat when the roller shutters are opened. Several heaters were spaced to cover the entire picking area with warm, comfortable, effective radiant heat using the minimum amount of electricity possible.

The Results & Feedback

The new heaters provide an almost instantaneous warm up period and the staff can control the units thermostatically with remote controls to ensure maximum comfort. The FIR heaters will automatically turn off when they reach the target maintenance temperature. The units are much more energy efficient than any traditional warehouse heaters and provide a subtle but significant heat output, perfect for localised space heating meaning both the staff and owner are very happy with the system installed.