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The Background

BD2 is a digital design company based in Wigan.  Their design studio was a very difficult space to heat. They had previously used energy intensive wall heaters and a wood burner to keep the studio warm. The old heaters were ineffective and used significant amounts of energy as well as providing inadequate heat. BD2 opted for Far Infrared heaters to make the site as energy efficient and effective as possible. We also installed LED lighting in the offices to further reduce energy costs and modernise the look of the office.

The Solution

In the design studio, Perfect Sense Energy installed state of the art Far Infrared heaters. The modern design fits the aesthetic of the design studio. They provide radiant heat that will heat people and objects instead of the air. This technology will keep the workers at BD2 warm without losing heat to the high vaulted ceiling.  The remote thermostatic control means they can maintain a comfortable temperature to work in. The total power of the heaters is just 5kW, making the 10kW of old traditional ineffective electric heaters redundant.

The Results & Feedback

The new heaters provide almost instantaneous heat compared to the long heating up period of the old heaters and the new LED lighting looks modern, provides excellent levels of light and will help reduce energy spend. MD Will Bentley is impressed with the technologies saying they have greatly improved their heating and lighting efficiency. He was also impressed with our friendly installers who he described as helpful and diligent.