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The Background

Auriga Holdings Ltd is an investment business that owns 10 KFC franchise sites in London. These sites use a large amount of energy with a combined annual Gas usage of 1,722,585 kWh. Perfect Sense Energy and our pricing team compared supply contracts to help find them to find the best possible contracts to reduce their energy spend and remove the associated administration burden

The Solution

We completed a whole of the market pricing process on behalf of the client to compare Energy Supply Contracts to find the best possible pricing and service offers. We used our expert knowledge and supplier relations to negotiate prices and generate a bespoke contract that best suited Auriga Holdings. We were able to negotiate common end dates for the individual sites, which will aid future contract negotiations as the sites will be able to be considered as a group rather than individually.

The Results & Feedback

Perfect Sense Energy and their pricing team helped to negotiate a gas supply contract that saved Auriga Holdings LTD £16,956 per annum, which was a 28% annual reduction to their previous contract spend. Alongside these massive savings, we now manage their contracts together as the contracts from each individual store can be dealt with as one. Further significant savings are likely to be achieved when the Electricity contracts are brought under Perfect Sense Energy Management.