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The Background

Thew Arnott Ltd is a large speciality ingredient manufacturer who own a number of manufacturing and office sites around the UK. The company’s annual combined consumption of electricity totals more than 400,000 kWh of power which was spread over various contracts with several suppliers and varying contract end dates making the task of administering the contracts complex.

The Solution

Perfect Sense Energy completed a tender process on behalf of the client to source the best possible Energy Supply Contracts from the whole of the market. Due to our industry knowledge and long standing supplier relationships, we were also able to negotiate bespoke duration contracts which allowed us to align the contract the end dates of several sites. This will make contract management much simpler in future years and allow the contracts to be tender as a bulk package when the time is right to renegotiate.

The Results & Feedback

The average combined savings across Gas and Electricity contracts was approx 18%, which we fixed for 2 years giving certainty that the prices are locked-in and will not rise until 2017 at the earliest.

Overall, Perfect Sense Energy saved Thew Arnott over £7000 over the contract period and simplified the management of all contracts, as they now have one point of contact to manage their energy contract related queries.