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Carbon Footprint – Practicing What We Preach

CBN Gold Award

In our mission to help people, profit and planet, we are taking a look internally to ensure Perfect Sense Energy are practicing what they preach when it comes to sustainability.

Over the last 10 years, we have helped 100s of clients to:

Buy renewable energy and reduce their spend

Install energy efficient technologies such as LED Lighting & Far Infrared Heating

Improve existing technologies with Voltage Optimisation

Generate their own clean electricity with Solar PV

Move to Electric Vehicles and have efficient chargers, alongside PV systems to generate the energy cleanly


Perfect Sense Energy are tracking their carbon footprint and pledging to continue to reduce our own business environmental impact. Some of the ways we are doing this are by utilising the technologies we install – Our office is lit with LED lighting, heated with Far Infrared Heaters and powered in part by solar panels on our roof. We previously had 2 Hybrid PHEV vehicles in our fleet, and are also making the switch to electric vehicles, with our first electric car in the fleet and another coming soon.

We are looking into ways to reduce our wider impact, from recycling our materials to online client meetings, reducing the need for unnecessary travel.  We also offer energy reviews and expert advice to our clients, helping them achieve carbon reductions and sustainability targets.

We are excited to continue our journey to Net Zero, improving our own performance and continuing to deliver high quality projects to our clients.

For information on how you can reduce your business carbon footprint, Contact Us today or call on 01942 367599.

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