£1 Million Saved!

We have helped businesses save £1 million pounds in total in energy costs!

By providing energy efficient installations such as LED lighting and Solar PV, we have been able to save businesses huge amounts on their energy bills and can help them to generate their own renewable energy to power their sites.

We take a holistic approach to reducing Energy Costs – we help businesses to Buy Better, Use Less and Generate Your Own.  We compare energy supply contracts to source the best possible deal and as Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers for both Lighting and Solar PV, we are able to deliver high quality installations, some of which qualify for grant funding of up to £10,000.

We have helped our clients to save such huge amounts of money in a short time as the installations we provide offer incredible energy savings, with a typical LED lighting project seeing a return on investment in just 18 to 36 months on average. Solar PV installations allow a business to generate a 20 year income stream, providing the site with free, clean energy to power the building along with ongoing long-term revenue from feed in and export tariffs.

Why not join the growing amount of businesses switching to LED Lighting and Solar PV? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Contact us today for a free energy cost reduction survey see how much your business can save.

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