Solar, So Good! How The UK Boasts A Solar Industry That Continues To Thrive

10th Dec 2014 Solar Photovoltaic PV

The first quarter of 2014 saw the UK break records in terms of solar power installed. The huge wattage uptake of around 1.1GW has seen the UK’s solar panelling business take a giant leap forward, and unsurprisingly industry voices are in buoyant spirits.

“Any news that shows how the uptake of solar energy opportunities is thriving is obviously welcome!” said Gary Brandwood, Director of energy saving specialists Perfect Sense Energy. “We know the value that our products bring, and its fantastic to see how much our market continues to develop. We have seen the UK solar industry install more than 1GW of solar PV between January and March. What’s more, when we look at the picture since the end of summer 2013, we see that the UK has added 1.54GW in capacity overall, so we’re making some great inroads.”

What do industry players feel is behind the boom? “There has been a well-documented surge in ground-mounted solar systems, that’s for sure,” continued Gary. “However, as strong as that market is, undoubtedly the real growth areas will come from commercial installations that exploit the rooftops of the UK’s business architecture, and from the domestic solar market as well.”

“Overall at this point the UK solar picture is definitely rosy. We have nearly 4.7GW of cumulative solar PV installed now, and with the Government seemingly coming more on side, the industry could well soon be in a position of real strength going into the rest of the year and beyond. Indeed forecasts for forthcoming solar PV installation levels hint at between 1.7GW and 2.5GW being set-up over the rest of the year. To solar professionals like ourselves, those numbers are great to see!”