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Who we are

Perfect Sense Ltd was established in 2010 to provide comprehensive consultancy services that focus on our customers' individual needs. The company has since developed a strong reputation as an incredibly knowledgeable team of experts, offering an extensive level of experience in assessing, identifying, designing and delivering energy saving and renewable energy solutions.

What we do

Our purpose is to provide clear, concise and targeted advice that will guide you towards the best possible energy reduction services and technologies to help you to achieve a great return on investment and permanently reduce your energy spend.  Our passion for your profit and green credentials ensures that we only recommend proven solutions that have a significant impact and a short payback period using the highest quality equipment and services available in the UK today.

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Why we do it

It’s simple - we love what we do. Our team shares a common goal in life - to ‘do our bit’ for the environment by helping to roll out technologies that reduce our reliance on energy derived from finite fossil fuels and in turn minimise climate change. We only have one Planet Earth - we don't think it is a good idea to upset the balance of nature by affecting its atmosphere through the production of too much CO2.

Our Energy Cost Reduction Process has been developed to help you to navigate the complexities of choosing the measures that will have the most significant effect on your energy spend and CO2 output. Our focus is on recommending high impact, high quality technologies that work for you from day one and ensure your energy saving investments do exactly what we predict. The process focuses on identifying the options that will deliver optimum results with the shortest possible payback periods. We initially work to assess, monitor and understand your energy usage profile across the different aspects of your business. We then check all grid-supply contracts to ensure your business is benefiting from a competitive market rate. This leads us on to identifying the best ways to reduce the energy demand from the national grid and generate on-site renewable energies, both of which deliver immediate cost saving benefits.


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